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What is Codeine?

Codeine is a natural alkaloid in opium extracts that is commonly prescribed for acute pain and acts as a cough relaxant. Like other opioids, it is also associated with liver enzyme increases or clinical signs of liver injury during treatment.

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It is a potent prescription drug that helps to treat moderate to severe pain. Doctors usually prescribe Codeine to those people who want relief from agonizing pain such as major injuries, surgeries, or cancer pain.

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Primary Uses of Codeine 

Codeine primarily helps treat moderate to severe pain, available under the generic name Codeine. It can mitigate the symptoms of severe pain. It helps to reduce the pain but will not deal with the underlying cause of fastening recovery. People, when purchasing Codeine online, get it at a discounted price. When Codeine is often used to treat pain, it impacts how the central nervous system reacts. It works to minimize coughing by reducing activity in the parts of the brain that causes coughing.

What precautions should I take before using Codeine?


If you are allergic to Codeine, other prescription drugs, or any other ingredients of Codeine, talk to your doctor before taking it. Before you purchase Codeine online, make sure you check the ingredients list carefully.

During pregnancy

If you are planning for pregnancy or breastfeeding your child while taking Codeine, consult an expert before taking this drug. Avoid breastfeeding while taking this drug as it can cause breathing problems, trouble or loud annoying inhaling, or excessive sleepiness in breastfeeding infants.

Other medical conditions

Before you take Codeine, you should talk to your health care professional if you have or have ever had problems such as severe asthma, liver or kidney disease, blockage in the stomach and intestine, brain disorders, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea, or addiction to alcohol drugs.

How should I take Codeine?

Take Codeine with or shortly after a meal or snack to reduce the likelihood of feeling sick. You can take Codeine any time of day. But try to make it simultaneously every day and space your doses evenly. Read the medication guide and follow all the instructions on the prescription carefully.

According to your doctor's advice, you can take it alone or with food alone. But, it will be best if you take it with food or milk if you have stomach problems. While taking this drug, always drink 6 to 8 glasses of water to prevent constipation.

Avoid taking Codeine for longer than prescribed or in heavy amounts. Doing such an activity can increase the risk of overdose. If you feel like expanding the quantity, consult for the safe increment.

What are the possible side effects of Codeine?

Take immediate medical attention when you notice any signs of allergy, such as hives, swelling on the face, lips, and throat, and difficulty breathing.

Some common and severe side effects of this drug include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness
  • shallow breathing and shallow heartbeat
  • light-headed feeling
  • problems with urination
  • confusion, unusual thoughts 
  • feelings of extreme happiness or sadness

But you do not need to worry about it; the treatment is available for both the standard and severe side effects. You can buy Codeine online from our pharmacy without any prescription.

What drugs can interact with Codeine?

Opioid drugs such as Codeine can interact with other medicines and cause adverse effects on your body. You may have some life-threatening breathing problems if you take this drug with a combination of different medications.

Ensure that your doctor knows about the medicines you use while taking Codeine.

Do not use this drug with the combination of some other drugs such as:

  • cold and allergic medications
  • medications for motion sickness, overactive bladder, or irritable bowel syndrome
  • medicine for anxiety and mental illness
  • drugs for severe infections, nausea, vomiting, and headaches
  • sedative drugs such as Alprazolam, Xanax, and Diazepam.
  • other prescription drugs
  • over the counter medicines
  • vitamins and herbal products

It is not the complete list of all the drug interactions; other drugs can also interact with Codeine. So, before ordering Codeine online, talk to your pharmacist about the medicines you are taking.

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